Names of Clan Fingon

The name Mackinnon comes from the gaelic MacFhionghuin meaning "Son of Fingon," or more literally "Son of the Fair Born."  In early Victorian times some Scottish Scholars originally thought that Mackinnon came from the gaelic MacIonmhuinn, meaning "Son of Love," or "Son of the Beloved One," which is where the Mackinnon name "Love" originates as a translation.

Many variations on the spelling of the name Mackinnon exist and are included below alongside Septs associated with the name Mackinnon.  The prefixes of "M'" "Ma" "Mac," and "Mc" are interchangeable and do not indicate family origin (i.e. Highland and Irish), religion (i.e. Protestant and Catholic), or anything other than the personal choice of an ancestor or government official.

The names and Septs of Clan Fingon:

Kinney Kinnie Kinnon Love M'Cannan M'cannan M'Cannon M'cannon M'Fingan M'fingan M'Fingon M'fingon M'Fingone M'fingone M'Finnan M'finnan M'Finnen M'finnen M'Finnon m'finnon M'Fyngoun M'fyngoun M'Innon M'innon M'Invine M'invine M'Keenan M'keenan M'Kena M'kena M'Kenen M'kenen M'Keney M'keney M'Kenie m'kenie M'Kenna M'kenna M'Kennah M'kennah M'Kennan M'kennan M'Kennane M'kennane M'Kennay M'kennay M'Kenney M'kenney M'Kinin M'kinin M'Kinna M'kinna M'Kinnay M'kinnay M'Kinnen M'kinnen M'Kinney M'kinney M'Kinnie M'kinnie M'Kinning M'kinning M'Kinnon M'kinnon M'Kinoun M'kinoun M'Kinven M'kinven M'Kiynnan M'kiynnan M'Kmorran M'kmorran M'Kynnay M'kynnay M'Kynnie M'kynnie M'Moran M'moran M'Morane M'morane M'Moren M'moren M'Morin M'morin M'Morine M'morine M'Morran M'morran M'Morrane M'morrane M'Morrin M'morrin M'Moryn M'moryn M'Moryne M'moryne M'Murrin M'murrin M'Phingone M'phingone M'Sherry M'sherry M'Shirie M'shirie M'Shirrie M'shirrie 
 MacCannan Macannan MacCannon  Macanon MacFingan Macfingan MacFingon Macfingon MacFingone Macfingone MacFinnan Macfinnan MacFinnen Macfinnen MacFinnon Macfinnon MacFyngoun Macfyngoun MacInnon Macinnon MacInvine Macinvine MacKeenan Mackeenan MacKena Mackena MacKenen Mackenen MacKeney Mackeney MacKenie Mackenie MacKenna Mackenna MacKennah Mackennah MacKennan Mackennan MacKennane Mackennane MacKennay Mackennay MacKenney Mackenney MacKinin Mackinin MacKinna Mackinna MacKinnay Mackinnay MacKinnen Mackinnen MacKinney Mackinney MacKinnie Mackinnie MacKinning Mackinning MacKinnon Mackinnon MacKinoun Mackinoun MacKinven Mackinven MacKiynnan Mackiynnan MacKmorran Mackmorran MacKynnay Mackynnay MacKynnie Mackynnie MacMoran Macmoran MacMorane Macmorane MacMoren Macmoren MacMorin Macmorin MacMorine Macmorine MacMorran Macmorran MacMorrane Macmorrane MacMorrin Macmorrin MacMoryn Macmoryn MacMoryne Macmoryne MacMurrin Macmurrin MacPhingone Macphingone MacSherry Macsherry MacShirie Macshirie MacShirrie Macshirrie Makenone MaKenone Makfingane MakFingane Makfingoun MakFingoun MaKinnon Makinnon Makkynine Makkynnon Makmorane MakMorane McCannan Mcannan McCannon Mcannon McFingan Mcfingan McFingon Mcfingon McFingone Mcfingone McFinnan Mcfinnan McFinnen Mcfinnnen McFinnon Mcfinnon McFyngoun Mcfyngoun McInnon Mcinnon McInvine Mcinvine McKeenan Mckeenan McKena Mckena McKenen Mckenen McKeney Mckeney McKenie Mckenie McKenna Mckenna McKennah Mckennah McKennan Mckennan McKennane Mckennane McKennay Mckennay McKenney Mckenney McKinin Mckinin McKinna Mckinna McKinnay Mckinnay McKinnen Mckinnen McKinney Mckinney McKinnie Mckinnie McKinning Mckinning McKinnon Mckinnon McKinoun Mckinoun McKinven Mckinven McKiynnan Mckiynnan McKmorran Mckmorran McKynnay Mckynnay McKynnie Mckynnie McMoran Mcmoran McMorane Mcmorane McMoren Mcmoren McMorin Mcmorin McMorine Mcmorine McMorran Mcmorran McMorrane Mcmorrane McMorrin Mcmorrin McMoryn Mcmoryn McMoryne Mcmoryne McMurrin Mcmurrin McPhingone Mcphingone McSherry Mcsherry McShirie Mcshirie McShirrie Mcshirrie Morin Morran Morren Morrin Murren

The Clan Mackinnon Atlantic site spelling follows that of the current Chief, Madam Anne Gunhild Mackinnon of Mackinnon. 

If there is a Mackinnon or Sept spelling that is not present in the above list, please contact the webmaster.