Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Charles Edward Stewart - Jacobite Print

The National Library of Scotland has been slowly increasing the materials available through their digital archive.  Among these documents are a collection of Jacobite era prints and broadsides, including this picture of Bonnie Prince Charlie - Charles Edward Stewart.

According to the site, the portrait was originally thought to be the Duke of Cumberland.   The MacKinnons were historcally quite strong Jacobite supporters, the Chief Iain Dubh supported the Stewarts during the '15 and the '45 risings.  The MacKinnons hid the Prince in a cave during his famous escape, after which the MacKinnon Chief and his wife were subsequently imprisoned, though they were later released years later on compassionate grounds.

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  1. Yes,I agree. It is always sad and strange at the same time. How one place, which is so lievly at one time in life could beocme so quite and devastating in another time.