Friday, September 3, 2010

"MacKinnon / McKinnon DNA project"

Clan Donald has been running a DNA project for a number of years now, and has so far revealed a number of fascinating results.  In this case the DNA project has helped resolve a centuries old question regarding the paternity of Somerled (Somhairle), Gaelic hero, ancestor of the MacDonalds and a giant in the history of the Western Isles.  The Y-DNA testing has shown that his paternal ancestry was Norse rather than Gaelic, and it is estimated that he has over 500,000 descendants living today, more than any other known individual aside from Ghengis Khan.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there is a MacKinnon DNA project in the works.  Though still in its infancy, some of the early results certainly look promising.  Hopefully the project will continue to grow, and I'll be keeping an eye on it in case there is any other news of note.


  1. I am a "Love" which I understand is a sect of the McKinnon Clan. I did DNA on Ancestry. I am Scot/Irish. Do you have a separate DNA kit for this project?

  2. Has the current MacKinnon Chief taken a Y DNA test? If so, would you happen to know the result?

    1. According to Ian, the current owner of the MacKinnon Inn on the Isle of Skye, The latest clan chief was a woman who rejected the whole notion (of a clan chief). She thought it was ridiculous and refused to cooperate. He ended up with this scroll in some fancy box called article of matriculation for MacKinnon. Ian is not a MacKinnon, but became enamored of the clan after looking into its' history. This info was current in 2008.
      They may have appointed someone else by now. I don't really know how it works.

  3. There is a current petition sent to Lord Lyons for Chiefship as of 2017 and they are including all six other elder heirs to the branches. Looks as this is the Mishnish Mackinnon petition. They are being very vague on who these elders heirs are until after Lord Lyons examines there proofs. There has been talk that these seven branches are petitioning for all ancient Mackinnon back into their hands. I do know the Mishnish heir is getting Kilmorie house, Strath housevand Erray House.