Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scottish Tartan Museum - Tartan Resources

The Scottish Tartan Museum in North Carolina has been collecting information on tartans and their history for decades. Their most recent contribution to the public has been the creation of an original tartan source material resource page. The purpose of their website is to "make available to the public primary source material dealing with the subject of tartan and Highland dress," and boy have they succeeded! Though they have only made five volumes available so far, they include some of the earliest printed tartans setts, including the 1842 Vestiarium Scoticum.

Four of the volumes contain variations on the MacKinnon tartan, including the below picture from a mid nineteeth century sample book. Many other clans are included as well, and we are quite fortunate that they have provided the public this window into the past.


  1. Tartans have always been favorites! Glad the Scottish Tartan Museum is researching well on them and providing public with their information. Very well-written and informative article!

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